Lauren Gray, MS, LMFT
     Therapy for Families, Couples and Individuals

Lauren Gray, MS, LMFT   
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1715 114th Ave. S.E., Suite 208    
Bellevue, WA 98004



Why do so many couples feel that their "communication" is breaking down? Communication difficulties are often the sign of a deeper disconnect in a couple's relationship. Identifying and tackling this larger issue can enable partners to reconnect.

I work with couples seeking help in a variety of areas, such as improving their emotional and sexual intimacy, managing anger, co-parenting, coping with infidelity, handling financial stress, and achieving work-life balance.

I work collaboratively with couples, striving to hear from each partner equally, and avoiding siding with one partner. I provide a safe forum for couples to work through difficult issues that may be too "hot" to discuss at home. I give couples the opportunity to speak with each other candidly, and I also offer interventions that open new ways of thinking and spark change.

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